3605 Gregory Ave., West Sacramento CA 95691

Our Mission and Philosophy


Compelled by our faith to love with unqualified compassion, the Mercy Coalition seeks to serve the homeless and underserved poor in West Sacramento. 


Across our diverse faith traditions, we share this common calling: to belong to one another, to help one another, and to give generously and in sincere love to those who are without. 

As such we are committed not only to directly providing food and services, but to advocacy, education, resourcing and collaboration that will benefit our target populations in the most healthy and holistic ways.  We believe our community is filled with many compassionate people who only need a framework and network to serve in, and we are committed to helping build that framework on behalf of our neediest citizens.

Without judgment, we acknowledge the deep worth of each person and their basic right to food, shelter, safety and dignity. Our goal is to nourish physical needs, as well as each person’s spiritual need for hope, acceptance and respect.  We believe in the power of handshakes and hugs.  We believe “the only thing that counts is faith expressing itself in love.”