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The Traveling Family Table Rolls On

It was Eugene’s birthday this week. There were barbecued ribs, courtesy of a volunteer meals team. There were ice cream sundaes. There were 14 guests and a half-dozen host volunteers around the family table, and there was laughter, and fellowship, and food, and warmth.  
Later on there was a movie in an adjacent room, and a vigorous Bible study full of sharing and friendship. And in the morning it packed up, loaded onto a bus, and left – only to materialize a few hours later at another church site, with more laughter and food and fellowship and warmth, all over again.  
It has happened for 42 nights now this winter, changing church venues every time, and it will happen for 34 more.  The Winter Warming Centers, which began as a simple effort to provide overnight shelter to West Sacramento’s homeless, have blossomed into so much more.  Every night, around the traveling family table, each person is asked to give their highlight for the day.  For many guests and volunteers alike, the table itself is the answer.
More than 90 percent of the participating guests at the Warming Centers say that, if it were not for the program, they’d be sleeping on the street or in cars at night.  A higher number still has marveled at the deep camaraderie that has developed in the caravanning community, bussed all over town to five different churches and served and befriended by volunteers from more than a dozen houses of faith.
Thank you, West Sacramento.  The City of Mercy lives.

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